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erwin Safyr Option for ERP

erwin Safyr Option extracts metadata from a variety of ERP applications — including SAP R/3, SAP BW, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, Oracle Siebel and Oracle eBusiness Suite. It enables you to translate the often-challenging naming conventions these system use into more user-friendly values, allowing modelers to search, browse and subset this metadata prior to creating erwin data models. 


Key Features


Metadata Management: erwin Safyr Option provides a comprehensive and accurate inventory of the data structures in ERP systems. This inventory helps with data integration efforts, reduces troublesome duplication and keeps control of changes made from the standard system.


Reverse Engineering: Using automatic reverse engineering capabilities, you can easily explore metadata from enterprise applications without the need for specialist application knowledge or interpretation. This automated extraction can save substantial time and money in extracting metadata and reduce dependence on application providers.


Relationship Mapping and Navigation: See how tables are related to each other or the ERP application, as well as which tables have ‘parent’ and ‘child’ relationships. Easily navigate through the data structures and leverage these relationships to create and manage subsets of metadata that can be loaded into ERwin Data Modeler.


Search and Browsing: erwin Safyr Option provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use metadata discovery and browsing environment. This interface provides capabilities such as: keyword search, object filtering, metadata drill-down and drill-across, hierarchical navigation, automated inference of undefined relationships and generation of ERP application statistics.


Model Comparision: Model comparison allows you to understand the differences between a standard or reference version of an ERP application and a previous version of the same or a customized version that has been installed. This function lets you see the differences between implementations in different locations.


Enterprise Information Management: erwin Safyr Option and erwin® Data Modeler together enable metadata from enterprise applications to be transformed and shared across the entire organization’s information management landscape. Organizations can benefit from centralized management of their metadata assets, such as improved application integration, enhanced quality, increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.


Multiple ERP Support: erwin Safyr Option works with a wide variety of ERP systems including: SAP/SAP BW, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle Siebel on both standard and customized systems.


Platform Support


erwin Safyr Option is a Windows-based application that supports the following ERP applications:


  • SAP version 3.1 and above

  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW) version 2.2 and above

  • Oracle E-Business Suite version 11 and above

  • Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise applications from Version 8 and above

  • Oracle J.D.Edwards EnterpriseOne Xe and above

  • Oracle Siebel version 6.5 and above.


erwin Safyr Option repository hosts are supported in the following database environments and requires appropriate client connectivity software (e.g. Oracle Net 9) for connection to a Saphir Repository database.:


  • Oracle

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere

  • IBM DB2.


Safyr is a registered trademark of Silwood Technology.


For pricing please contact us.

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