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Myriad Solutions Consultants provide full erwin suite training. Training is provided for erwin Data Modeler and the erwin Web Portal. These two comprehensive courses offered will teach you all the major features of erwin Data Modeler and the erwin Web Portal. Both courses are provided on-site in order to ensure a supportive and collaborative learning experience that provide a combination of product demonstrations, hands-on exercises and a continuing case study.  


During the erwin Data Modeler course, you will discover erwin’s easy-to-use design techniques and learn to fully utilize the power of erwin, including schema generation, complete compare with the database and managing model metadata. Additionally, this course will introduce the user to the erwin Data Modeler Workgroup's centralized repository tool, “Mart”, for collaborative, team modeling. This includes: conflict resolution, versioning and standardization concepts.  


The erwin Web Portal course will include an overview and general navigation of model views, data lineage and reporting. Data governance features are also covered to include all aspects of metadata documentation, such as semantic mapping, business glossaries and the data documenter.


A sample overview of the content covered in the erwin Data Modeler and erwin Web Portal training sessions is provided below.


erwin Data Modeler


  • Construct an erwin model using the proper entities, attributes, keys and relations

  • Use Domains (Independent Attributes) and Templates for standardization and reuse

  • Manage model metadata using definitions, comments and user-defined properties

  • Generate schema and maintain through Complete Compare

  • Manage large models using Subject Areas and Stored Displays

  • Create and publish robust reports based on your model and Mart information


erwin Web Portal


  • Allow non-technical business users and analysts to visualize model diagrams and metadata

  • Trace Semantic Mapping and Data Lineage via user-friendly search and filter options

  • Fully document your Data Dictionary

  • Create and manage a Business Glossary including workflow


As new erwin software releases are made available, additional training of new features and functionalities can be provided as needed on-site or via web conferencing.


Please contact us for full training agendas, pricing, quotations, questions or any assistance you may need.

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