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Navigator Edition

erwin Data Modeler Navigator Edition provides read-only access to erwin data models and modeling metadata. It provides discovery, visualization and analysis capabilities for those in the organization who need to view and evaluate modeling information, but not create or edit models.


Key Features


erwin Data Modeler Navigator Edition helps organizations collaborate with a wide range of roles in the organization through the following key features:


Visualization and navigation of data models: Data models can be easily viewed in a secure, read-only environment, providing a simple, graphical display to visualize complex database structures and business definitions to a wide range of roles across the organization.


Change impact analysis: Users can view and test the impact of changes to data models in a secure, read-only environment, before changes are rolled-out in production.


Enterprise-wide view of data assets: With access to the Workgroup Edition model repository, Navigator Edition users can obtain a central view of all enterprise data assets.


Reporting & Publication: The Report Designer’s intuitive point-and-click interface can create HTML and text-based reports for both diagrams and metadata.

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